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Bridge for Billions in 1 Minute


This summer we set out on a journey to remake our website. We had noticed issues where people weren’t understanding too well what Bridge was all about. So we started doing User Testing and saw a couple of our weak points. Biggest one was that it wasn’t clear what exactly we did. So we teamed up with Hola! Soy Andre to create this kick-ass explainer video. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Meet Our Entrepreneurs

UP! Training Club Launch

The first training club in Barcelona that helps you to find the job you really want… and if it doesn’t exist, then you’ll make it yourself!

Come, experiment, and train your mental and emotional muscle in their new space.

Eugenia Gargallo, and the team at Up Training Club have launched their new space for you to come in to learn and prepare yourself for the job you want! We’re so excited to see that project that we incubated almost 2 years ago taking flight. If you’re in Barcelona and want to boost your resume, or just learn about cool topics (we’re listing a couple below) go check them out!

  • Leadership Training
  • Bootcamps
  • Storytelling
  • CV workshops
  • Pitch Party
  • Coding

Startup Competition with 1,000,000$ up for grabs

Startup Competition

G Startup WorldWide holds annual competitions around the world with up to 1,000,000$ up for grabs in investment. Apply to your regional competition and compete to get to the Global Final Competition in Silicon Valley. Even if you don’t win the grand prize there’s the chance to expand your network, get press from their pitch events and get feedback from experienced investors.

Apply here!


How to Improve Your Sales in 30 Days (or less)!

Sales Meeting
Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time thinking about our idea. How will it look? What do I need to do to create it? Will people like it? So once it’s done it feels like the biggest hurdle has been jumped. You have a product; all you have to do now is get it to people! Once they have it in their hands it’s smooth sailing.

A lot of times we’ve seen entrepreneurs putting in all their efforts into selling their product or service, and falling short of the goals they’ve set for themselves. And this is an extremely frustrating feeling, where you’re giving it your all, but the results just don’t reflect that effort.

Discover tips, tools, and a nifty checklist to help you identify why your sales efforts are failing, and how to turn it around in the next 30 days! 

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Top Entrepreneurship Conferences of 2018

world conferences
Photo by Simone Busatto on Unsplash

Entrepreneurship conferences can be extremely useful for startups. They provide entrepreneurs with a number of tools such as expert panels, workshops, and networking events where you can meet possible investors or influencers. Best of all, remember that feeling that there’s not a lot of people that get what you’re going through? Well conferences are a great place to meet other entrepreneurs who are going through the same process that you are.  Entrepreneurs are usually extremely willing to help each other out, and are a wonderful support system to have.

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How-To Guides

4 Easy Ways to Find Customers


Last week we talked about the big dos and donts of customer interviews, and a reader (shout out to Lena Perepelova of IBWMadrid) pointed out a very good “tip” about doing customer discovery “My advise is – make sure they are your customer. If they are not, the insight of these people, as valuable as it sounds, might only be confusing.”

She is 100% correct! The tips I outlined last week are great, but if you don’t apply them to people who would actually be your customer it won’t be of any help.

We seemed to have skipped a step in the process, so this week it’s time to take a step back and figure out who your customers are, and how to actually find customers so you can talk to them!

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