Have you met...Alex? 👣. 

She comes from a sunny town near Lisbon in Portugal, we have a salt-water girl in our operations team. Before coming to the office, when she wakes up she likes to open the windows to let the sun inside and turns on the radio in her phone while getting ready to come to the office.

When she was younger she wanted to be an international diplomat. Thank god, she ended up being a Bridge Builder. She studied economy, business, finance and of course, social entrepreneurship. 

She doesn’t like to reduce a person to a quote but if she had to choose, which she did, her quote is “Nothing is true, all is permitted”, this means that we don’t have to take things for granted, anything in any other context or approach may be possible. She’s more of a book than a movie person so here we have her top three: The Stranger by Albert Camus, Blindness by José Saramago and Hunger by Martón Caparros. She always filters by series based on real events on Netflix but a saturday night she’s mostly out with friends having tapas around La Latina or Lavapies in Madrid, her home for the time being.

We say for the time being because if she wasn’t in Bridge she would be travelling the world without a final destination, she would certainly pass through or maybe stay in Australia. We hope she actually gets to do it, AGAIN. (Working remotely because Bridge wouldn’t be the same without Alex) For now, she enjoys summer camping seaside or doing her favorite sports, scuba diving, hiking and yoga.

Before Bridge she did it all. In the last 10 years she worked as an account manager in corporate banking and finance then she went to project management and partnerships for ONG’s and other social impact initiatives. She worked in bars and restaurants for a while to support her personal projects until 8 months ago when she joined Bridge for Billions. 

She was actually a mentor before being in our operations team. She fell in love with the projects and how easy it was to help entrepreneurs build their ventures from the comfort of her house. She just needed her laptop to change the world.

Alex works side to side with our entrepreneurs and mentors, she’s the one helping them cross the bridge. Bridge offers educational and work tools to everyone who is really interested in entrepreneurship activities. That’s what she calls true empowerment. Bridge doesn’t stops at a certain level or gives isolated training, it’s about the possibility to give access to structure, support and bringing together a global ecosystem able to co create and develop. It’s an impact system like this in which Alex wants to dedicate her energy. 

As inspiring as she is, she would also like to meet more inspiring people. She would have a coffee with Graca Machel to ask her all types of questions but mostly to listen and admire her, for drinks she’d want Rodrigo Amarante to join her and maybe enjoy some music.

We wanted to share with you her favorite restaurant but she won’t tell, she’s a secret foodie. It’s in the South of Portugal, that’s all we got out of her.

If you are wondering what to get her for her birthday, she actually prefers salty than sweet. Take into consideration whenever you are sending her treats to the office please. 

Alex, from everyone in the team. We wish you a happy birthday!