What are the benefits of Bridge for Billions’ incubation program?


You have a great idea, one that you really believe could change the future of e-commerce, revolutionize education or even solve the challenges of access to healthcare in your country. But how do you take this incredible project from the idea stage to market - especially when you have limited support and resources?

This is where we come in. Because we believe that you can do great things with the right support, we’ve put together our own incubation program: The Leap. Designed for early-stage entrepreneurs (ie. stages between idea validation and minimum viable product), The Leap has already helped over 750 entrepreneurs from 57 countries launch their business. 

Want to be next? Here are 4 benefits you get when taking The Leap.

One of a kind digital training platform


We believe that your location should not be a barrier to accessing quality training and support for your business. That’s why we built a unique digital platform that offers entrepreneurs all the perks of a traditional incubation program - without the limitations.

Based on 8 highly interactive tools, it was built with our innovation-based methodology and designed to guide you step by step to articulate your ideas and plan your business - from developing your value proposition to drafting a 3-year growth plan, and more.

Personal Mentorship

Launching a business is hard; but you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why mentoring is at the core of The Leap. However, we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” advice that founders often get. At Bridge for Billions, we see mentors more like individual guides: someone who can understand the ins and outs of your business, and helps you validate your strategy for each critical stage of your business. That’s exactly what you’ll get through one-on-one weekly check-ins.


The benefit of a Cohort Group

Being a founder can be tough, few people understand what you go through – no matter if you struggle alone or are responsible for hundreds of people. Bridge for Billions is there for you throughout your incubation and beyond. Working, not only alongside your mentor but with our team and the other founders of your cohort, is the foundation of our support system. 

You will come to love your Cohort meetings (“Checkpoints”) where you get to take a deep dive into each of our tools - together with other entrepreneurs going through them at the same time, and led by our team. The checkpoints will be a dedicated time for you to get feedback on your progress and strategies, and they’re a big part of our methodology.

Lifelong membership in our exclusive community


Because support for entrepreneurs is key, it shouldn’t stop after 3 months. So when you take The Leap, you'll be in good company even after completing the program, thanks to our Community. The Bridge for Billions Community is an exclusive ecosystem of alumni, current entrepreneurs, and all of our mentors from all over the world.

Here you will connect with entrepreneurs transforming their world in all areas of innovation from Finance to Fashion, be notified about the latest investment and funding opportunities, and get exclusive access to perks  (like discounts for Amazon Cloud, Hubspot, GSuite…) as well as various masterclasses and workshops led by industry experts.

We believe your idea can change the world. Are you ready to get the support you need?